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Earthflower sprouted out of a small kitchen, grew from a mother’s hand and bloomed into a lovely dream.

The idea behind this dream had already been planted some 20 years ago in the name of Cari Flora. Carina and co-owner Carin Pelser, in the same way as Earthflower today, provided flowers to customers in Pretoria, but Carina’s flower project was soon replaced by three children and the birth of a non-profit Child and Youth Care Centre, Ya Bana Village (www.yabana.co.za)


/ pɛtrʌɪkɔː/



a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

At last, the petrichor evaporates from her soils and with both children and charity fully grown, 2019 heralds the year that Carina and her two daughters, Marisca and Elze, open the doors of their garden of dreams, this time named Earthflower.

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